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Make your planner uniquely yours

Classic, versatile, minimalist




The versatile planner features pale-colored grid lines, so the users won’t find the layout too complicated. Another most-praised feature is that the planner provides a flexible environment, so users can write meticulously to fully use it, or they can easily customize the planner. The planner is also marked with Taiwanese holidays, like those of the lunar calendar, which shows the design has taken users' living environment into consideration.​​


TAKE A NOTE's original weekly plan

Recognized by the Good Design Award judges, this design combines a mini calendar, a mini weekly calendar, a two-day-per-page weekly plan, and a vertical timeline. It incorporates all essential information while maintaining a refreshing and comfortable visual design.


Simple in design, rich in functionality

"Non-intrusive to users", designed minimally while meeting functional requirements. Whether for notes or usage is up to you, providing users with a truly free planner.

2024 MINI Planner Adjustments

Contents in English, Holidays are Taiwan holidays

For certain pages in the 2024 MINI Dated Planner where only Chinese weekdays are present, they have been adjusted to display both Chinese and English or just English weekdays and their abbreviations.

Essential information for Taiwanese users, such as lunar dates, solar terms, and Taiwan holidays, remains intact, making the A6 dated planner even more versatile!

The Chinese weekdays in the mini calendars and mini weekly calendars have been changed to abbreviations in English.

The weekly plan includes information about Taiwan holidays, lunar calendar dates, and festivals. The weekdays are in English.

The yearly calendar, horizontal Gantt chart, and project plan have changed Chinese weekdays to English abbreviations.

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【Yearly Calendar】

A yearly calendar spanning 20 months, usable from the moment you receive the planner until April of the following year.

【Habit Tracking / Horizontal Gantt Chart】

Convenient for planning annual schedules or for use as a habit tracking sheet.

【Project Planning / Vertical Gantt Chart】

A half-year view calendar at a glance, extremely useful for project management. Also suitable for vacation planning, weight management, habit tracking, stock price trend lines, and other purposes.

【Monthly Plan】

Rich functional design, suitable for everyone

Distinguish between holidays and workdays with dual colors for a more ceremonial note-taking experience. The 16-month monthly plan extends from this year through next year to March of the year after, making it easier to arrange cross-season and cross-year schedules. Each week is linked to the corresponding weekly plan page number, allowing for quick access to the weekly plan of the current week.

Ample space

Abundant blank space on the left and right sides allows for dividing different sections for various purposes according to note-taking methods.

【Weekly Plan】

The combination of a mini calendar, mini weekly calendar, and two-day-per-page vertical timeline remains TAKE A NOTE's most popular original format.

Mini Calendar

Visually indicates the position of the current week, allowing you to know the month's holidays without having to refer to the monthly plan.

Mini Weekly Calendar

Records important weekly schedules. An extremely light solid line divides the mini weekly calendar, and the right side has undated blank grids for recording different items based on personal habits.

Vertical Timeline

Extending from 6:00 AM to midnight, suitable for users with different daily routines. Free from excessive decorations, with ample writing space, perfect for recording schedules, writing diaries, and expressing emotions.

3mm Grid

All grids are drawn with very light dashed lines, allowing for combining 2 or 3 grids to enlarge or reduce text.

【Functional Grid Note Pages】

A total of 4 note pages, designed as supplementary appendices. The format has been redesigned to include triple dividers and crosshairs for positioning. The matrix-style "5x5 solid grid" allows for quicker grid counting, making note-taking more convenient than ever.

Uses 68gsm White Tomoe River Paper

Tomoe River Paper prevents ink from bleeding through when using a fountain pen. It offers excellent performance for drawing and stamping. The white Tomoe River Paper brings out the color of fountain pen ink even more compared to off-white paper.

180-degree Flat Laying

Easily opens flat for writing. The exposed spine hardcover design truly allows for flat writing.

The Purity of Paper

Recording is a warm ritual. The cover is made of art paper, a premium type among art papers, capable of presenting the natural warmth of the paper material. This processing method aims to retain the original texture of the paper as much as possible.


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