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New Design Concept for 2024

Simpler, lighter, and more flexible


#1 Smaller in size, lighter in weight, and more spaces

"MEDIUM WEEKS" is in B6 size with a page bottom filled with very light-colored grids. The grid design without any spacing breaks free from the constraints of traditional formats, providing additional writing space. The two-page-per-week weekly plan allocates more pages for grid note-taking, addressing the long-awaited demand from users for more blank pages.


#2 New design with higher flexibility

The two-page-per-week weekly plan employs variations in color intensity and line thickness to segment daily time, replacing the conventional hourly-based timeline. The same space can be customized according to personal preferences, catering to users with lower demands for time management while not affecting those who require schedule organization.


#3 Innovative grid design for better writing

Continuing the innovative grid design from the RECORD series, we ingeniously utilize variations in line intensity, shading, and positioning points. This eliminates the need to spend time counting grids, as our design allows users to instantly grasp the page structure and easily locate their preferred writing positions.



【Yearly Calendar】

Overview of the 2024 yearly calendar, featuring a dual-color design to distinguish between working days and holidays.

【Habit Tracking / Horizontal Gantt Chart】

A newly designed habit tracking table with increased writing space!

【Project Planning / Vertical Gantt Chart】

A half-year view calendar at a glance, extremely useful for project management. Also suitable for vacation planning, weight management, habit tracking, stock price trend lines, and other purposes.

【Monthly Plan】

Streamlined presentation of monthly plans, retaining only essential dates, weekdays, lunar phases of new and full moons, and corresponding weekly plan page numbers, allowing you to focus on your own records. Alternating colors for odd and even months bring a fresh mood to each month.

【Weekly Plan】

Using a two-page-per-week layout, easily see the important events of the week at a glance. The design utilizes variations in line style, thickness, and shading to divide each day into three sections. The lower half of the page features connected grid note-taking space, offering a design compatible with both time management and note-taking.

Light-Colored Boxes Indicate Weeks

The left side of the weekly plan displays the current month, with a light gray marker indicating the position of the week.

Lunar Phases

Daily lunar phases provide a sense of the changing seasons.

Page Numbers Corresponding to Monthly Plans

Each page is numbered, allowing for quick indexing even if notes are spread across different pages.

【Note Pages】

The unique TAKE A NOTE grid features three levels: a 4mm grid as the base, with a more delicate 2mm grid inside each 4mm square, and the 4mm squares combined to form solid lines of larger grids.

Handy Grids Worth Experiencing

Small grids aid in drawing lines, making marks, and alignment. The 4mm grid is suitable for writing in English and other languages, while a height of 2 squares accommodates Chinese characters.

The larger solid grid aids in recognizing page structure, allowing for consistent formatting across different pages without the need to count grids repeatedly.

Using 68gsm White Tomoe River Paper

Tomoe River Paper prevents ink from bleeding through when using a fountain pen. It offers excellent performance for drawing and stamping. The white Tomoe River paper brings out the color of fountain pen ink even more compared to off-white paper.

180-degree Flat Laying

Flip it open easily for a flat writing surface. The exposed spine hardcover design truly allows for flat writing.


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