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"The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are."

There is a saying that says, "The most important freedom is to be who you are."

"Freedom" has always been the most important core value in the design of Take a Note. This is to allow everyone to use this notebook to be your unique look. Prioritize "non-interference with the user", make the minimum design while meeting the functional conditions, pursue details in many invisible places, and use the most minimalist way to achieve both beauty and functions.

The planner is used as a writing tool. With the years, we record our history. Those things that happened, good and bad, become memories. If you can keep a record, we can find it from the past when we look at it in the future. The original intention is like going back to the past through time and space. Even if we cannot change the past, we can not repeat the same mistakes and learn lessons from the past.

We hope that through this planner, you can find your true self.


Our Story

Take a Note was formed in 2010. From the initial sharing of designs on the Internet to gradually realizing the design, it has been sold in 2015 and has accumulated over tens of thousands of copies, being loved by lots of people around the world. In 2017, it was recognized by Japan's Good Design Award, becoming the first Taiwanese brand to win the prize, and won the first place in Tokyo in the general election of Japan.

Designer Aki is both a designer and a photographer. She has traveled through the live music scenes of all sizes for many years and collaborated with artists from all over the world. Her love for music, photography, stationery and design, combined with the thinking derived from experience in multiple fields, the unique soul of Take a Note is shaped. It can be rich in ink or simple and powerful. You can always find different surprises in the design of Take a Note.