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"RECORD" Born to be an easy-to-carry and easy-to-record journal

The RECORD series’ MASTER Bullet Journal from TAKE A NOTE is a notebook centered on bullet journals but available for keeping a note anytime and easy to carry around. With the massive amount of time invested, the journal has multiple functions while containing several minimalistic designs that consider aesthetics, aiming to lower the note-taking threshold and make “RECORD” easier than ever. 


Born to be an easy-to-carry and easy-to-record journal

The RECORD series includes a 160-page MASTER bullet journal, a 60-page LITE monthly plan, weekly plan, project plan, and series-exclusive accessories.

①Palm-sized for Carrying around Freely
The size is suitable for holding with one palm; folding the cover backward can make it a stand to support writing. The size is 9.5cm in width, 17cm in height, which allows to flat on the desktop without taking up space.

②Thick art paper is selected to be the cover paper. Support writing and protection.
300gsm thick art paper is used as the cover paper, and the back cover of the bullet journal is specially thickened, which can provide sufficient support when you need to stand for writing or when the desktop space is insufficient for office work.

③High-quality Tomoe River Paper
The inner papers are made of Japan’s high-quality journal paper—white 68gsm Tomoe River Paper, no bleeding through with fountain pens and performing perfectly in drawing and stamping.

④180° lie flat for better writing
MASTER bullet journal uses exposed spine binding to stabilized the structure. The 60-page LITE notebooks are thread sewn binding which is 180° lie flat for better writing.


Original “SMART GRID”

The "SMART GRID" is used on grid pages for all planners in the RECORD series.

The two grid sizes are matched with the anchor points around the page. A seemingly simple grid note page has many functions but is visually minimal through design. We strive to achieve a balance between function and visual aesthetics through color tones that do not interfere with vision, detailed virtual and solid lines, and various delicate designs.

①4MM and 2MM mini grid 
The 4mm dotted-line grids are suitable for writing in English or Japanese while using double grids (8mm) can fit Chinese characters perfectly. On the other hand, the 2mm mini-grids make alignment more convenient.

②Align by matrix grids, saying goodbye to those hard days of counting grids 
The pages in MASTER Bullet Journal are full of 4mm dotted-line grids. The pages that show one solid line across the space of five dots and the light-and-dark color segmentations allow users to see the page formats at one glance

③ Functional anchor points, completing various formats in seconds
Draw simple formats easily based on personal habits, such as dividing the page into two or three parts, four quadrants, and nine-square divisions, flexibly providing maximal use possibilities.


Exclusive Accessories for the Series

The exclusively designed book cover and washi stickers add practicality and convenience to the series.

Multi-fold washable kraft paper book cover
The exclusively designed book cover is lightweight and durable, preventing users from the embarrassing situation of looking out for a pen when needed; the design allows you to settle your pen while fixing the book cover.

CALENDAR, MONTHLY DAILY BULLET JOURNAL WASHI STICKERS The personalized washi stickers for MASTER Bullet Journal contain dates, weeks, tabs, and many frequently-used formats, allowing users to rapidly create Gantt charts, schedules, and habit tracking forms to save hand-drawing time and focus on recording the things that matter.