REWARDS instructions

In order to provide a better shopping experience, and to thank all TAKE A NOTE fans, with the launch of the online store 2.0, we have introduced a rewards program.
Form now on, as long as you spend at the online store or join as a member, you can get points back. Points can be exchanged for discount coupons or other occasional free shipping and gift offers.


How to get points

Create account in online store can get 50 points.
For every NT$100 spent, you can get 2 points as a reward. Other point reward campaigns will be launched from time to time.


1 points for every NT$1.


The points can be redeemed to the same amount of the discount code. Enter the code at checkout to directly deduct the order amount. 


① Click the REWARDS button in the lower right corner of the page

② If you already have an  account, please log in directly and verify your email. If you have made a purchase but have not created an account, or just don’t registered before, please click CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the instructions to complete the registration.

③ After logging in, click the REWARDS button again, and you can see the rewards you can redeem and the current point earned.

  • EARN POINTS: You can see how to get points.
  • GET REWARDS: See rewards you can redeem with points.

④ Select “GET REWARDS” tab to see the discount codes you gave and the remaining points. The red box circled is the current offer, click REDEEM to choose how many points to use to redeem the discount coupon.

⑤ You can freely choose how many points you would like to use to exchange for the discount code. 


 ⑥ Use discount code: Copy the discount code you just redeemed, enter the discount code in the DISCOUNTS field at checkout and click APPLY to discount the order amount.


① Points will be automatically added to your account +7 days after the order is established.
② Points are added to the account of the online store order registration email, and different emails cannot be combined.
③ TAKE A NOTE reserves the right to make changes.


Option 1. Log in to your account. Go to the REWARDS page and you can see your remaining points.
Option2. Log in to your account. Click the "REWARDS" button on the bottom right corner and you see your points.

Log in to your account and go to the REWARDS page. Click the HISTORY tab and you can see the records.


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