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Article: 0905: Adjustment to the embossed color of B6 cover

0905: Adjustment to the embossed color of B6 cover

This year, we introduced a new B6 design, and although the text and images clearly indicate that it is an English version without Taiwan holidays, we still received inquiries from customers. To make it more convenient for everyone to identify whether the diary contains Taiwan holidays, we have decided to change the embossing color of the B6 planner cover from the original embossed black to embossed gold.

After this adjustment, you can differentiate between the two different holiday versions as follows:

1. **Embossed Gold Cover (No Taiwan Holidays):** Focus on your plans and daily routines without any distractions!

2. **Embossed Black Cover (Taiwan Holidays Edition):** Always stay informed about Taiwan holidays, helping you schedule your activities.

Apart from the cover adjustment, all other content remains unchanged.

We hope that this adjustment will make it more convenient for consumers to quickly identify the version of the planner.

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預購時間:8/25-9/30 預購通路: 博客來:購買單本日誌即達博客來免運門檻,購買日誌送透明書套(數量有限送完為止) PINKOI:2024時效日誌系列商品,任選2件享95折優惠,預購首2週不限運送方式,運費折抵35元。 實體通路可預購(各店鋪優惠歡迎洽詢該店鋪) 茉莉生活風格(台北) 美好文具室(台北) 賈絲筆咧 J U S P I R I T(新北) 小鹿文具所(桃...

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