TAKE A NOTE × OLD HOUSE FACE Co-branding book cover - retro A6
TAKE A NOTE × OLD HOUSE FACE Co-branding book cover - retro A6
TAKE A NOTE × OLD HOUSE FACE Co-branding book cover - retro A6

TAKE A NOTE × OLD HOUSE FACE Co-branding book cover - retro A6

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厚磅水洗牛皮紙(原色)|33 x 15.8 x 0.2cm

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  • TAKE A NOTE × Old House Face, the classic elements of old Taiwanese houses are integrated into the TAKE A NOTE LOGO features and are freshly launched.
  • Washed kraft paper has a touch close to leather and is durable, kneadable and washable. Like leather, it will leave unique marks that belong to the user over time, but it is much lighter than leather.



TAKE A NOTE × Oldhouseface, what sparks will the collision of minimalist design and Taiwanese classic patterns produce?

There are many fragments in a good memory of the times, and the classic old houses in Taiwan are also composed of various details.

Cooperation with Oldhouseface is not a sudden idea. The old houses that are common in daily life are vividly explained by Old House Face, and through the communication of photography and text, in front of the screen, we seem to experience the life that the old houses have experienced. The idea of imprinting the patterns of the old Taiwanese houses on the products is a very natural thing, and it is also a very interesting cooperation.

This design is made by the old house face, which combines several common elements in the old house, such as iron window grilles, cement bricks, old-style mosaic tiles. Though they are all different materials, they have the same anti-theft and aesthetic value. These patterns are also similar in shape and design from time to time, making the house look like an elegant picture.

By reinterpreting the pattern and matching the lines of different density, the lines of the iron window grilles and the block shape of the tiles are created, and then the TAKE A NOTE diamond-shaped LOGO is subtly integrated, presenting a nostalgic retro era.


【Old House Face Studio】

Since 2013, Old House Face Studio has started collecting the image of Taiwan's old house and its architectural elements and patterns, such as window grilles, terrazzo floors, and tiles, as well as documenting and discovering background stories and histories of retro buildings in Taiwan. We are dedicated to promoting the gradually forgotten beauty of old house elements and cultural impression.

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  • The production process is complicated, and it is normal for the products to be slightly different.
  • The hot stamped gold foil may fall off if it is rubbed or washed with water.

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