"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover
"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover

"RECORD" - Washable Kraft Paper Book Cover

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Imported Washable Kraft Paper|31.5 x 18cm|35g
*Due to the complicated manufacturing process, there may be natural blemishes/variations that are not defects.

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  • A book cover contains three folder pockets on the left and right flaps and in the middle, respectively, putting memo sheets and accessories wherever you like
  • The penholder locates at the end of the leather binding rope. Insert a pen, circle around the book, and fix the pen at the flexible hole in the front, ingeniously setting the book cover through the pen. You no longer need to look out for your pen and worry that the cover will scatter in the bag
  • The design of the left and right flaps are beveled for inserting bookmarks, stickers, and other small-sized accessories
  • Suitable for RECORD series products, and recommend putting one MASTER Bullet Journal with one LITE Notebook or three LITE Notebooks
  • Suitable for the Bible size (9.5cm × 17cm) or other notebooks with a height of about 17cm
  • Made of washable kraft paper that the wear-resistant and water-resistant features and the texture are like leather, the material will present personal texture and traces caused by various uses over time


The RECORD series consists of plentiful product categories. Since users may not merely bring a notebook, memo sheets, rulers, bookmarks, or other accessories, the book cover made of washable kraft paper has three folder pockets, particularly designed for increasing the storage space. 

A penholder is sewed at the end of the binding rope used for fixing the book cover. Insert a pen into the holder, circle around the book, and insert the holder in the flexible hole to fix the cover. The flexible hole is available for settling elsewhere, depending on the items that need to be carried. 


The book cover is made of washable kraft paper. Washable kraft paper is made from natural fiber; the texture is similar to leather but lighter in weight. The wear-resistant and durable features allow it to be used in making bags as it presents personal habits and traces over time like leather. The three colors of book covers embellish with leather binding ropes, making them simple, exquisite, lightweight, and easy to carry. 


Extending the design philosophy of TAKE A NOTE—Minimalist, High-quality, and Multi-functional, the RECORD series consists of practical functions and a heart full of sincerity. With color tones that lower visual interference, delicate dotted and solid lines, and many other exquisite designs, we strive to balance functions and aesthetics, providing users unlimited writing flexibility. The product family seems simple but can enhance your writing experience in every aspect. 

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