The best partner for work and life

Take a Note is the first planner in Taiwan to be recognized by the Japan Good Design Award.
The minimalist design gives users great freedom and can easily integrate into different ways of use, making the planner your exclusive life record.

  • 【22/4/15】歡迎經銷接洽 Welcome Wholesale Application

    我們樂意洽談各種形式的合作,如果您喜愛TAKE A NOTE的產品,歡迎寄信至,收到信件後將盡快回覆您。

    We welcome stationery lovers/shops from all over the world, and would love to know more about you. Please email to and tell us your country, website and social media links. Once received, we will be in contact with you. We are looking forward to working with you.

  • 【12/30】2022時效日誌全數銷售完畢


    2022 Planners are all sold out and will not be restocked. We will be back with brand new products and 2023 planners very soon. Please keep following us on Instagram.

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