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Take a Note x Cosmotech Gold Foil Stamping Book Cover A5 - Pineapple

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※The final version of the cook covers is still in production and may be different from the photos, such as the stitching may be different.
※The book cover will be shipped randomly without specifying the gold foil color.


Take a Note x Cosmotech

This year is a very different year for Take a Note. It made a major breakthrough in the seventh year of the brand’s establishment. The expectations and feedback from fans over the past few years are what keeps us moving. In order to give back to everyone’s support, this year specially invited Japanese gold foil hot stamping expert “Cosmotec Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as Cosmotech) to customize an exclusive book cover for the Take a Note journal and sell it exclusively on the official website.

Cosmotech Co., Ltd.(Cosmotech) is a gold foil printing factory that constantly explores the unknown and innovates. The beautiful works are all hand-stamped by the craftsman. The most familiar to Taiwanese consumers is the Xinghai Flying and Midnight Flying. They often cooperate with companies in various fields such as stationery brands, publishing houses, exhibitions, etc., to inspire breathtaking creativity.


【Graphic design】

This pattern design was handed over to Cosmotech’s free creativity, combining the Take a Note brand concept and Cosmotech hot stamping technology, hoping to bring you a low-key and minimalist that can be carried every day, but the beauty of hot stamping in subtleties is amazing.

It can be said to be one of the representatives of the friendship between Taiwan and Japan in 2021, "Pineapple". It was the first thing that Ruri Maeda, the representative of Cosmotech, thought of when receiving this commission. If it were to draw a pineapple in general, it would be too boring. Maeda Ruri boldly used real pineapples, analyzed and collected the unique textures of the pineapples after rolling out the ink countless times, and then made a plate with random hot stamping foil, so that each book cover has a unique texture.


【Paper of the book cover】

The paper uses “Takeo コルドバ”. At first glance, it looks like leather, but the actual touch is smooth to the touch. It has stiffness but is extremely light and hardly increases the burden of carrying.

Selected four kinds of special gold foil random hot stamping, please look forward to the actual effect, the products will also be shipped randomly without specifying the style.

Size: This book cover only applies to A5 Planner