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Article: The difference between “Taiwan Holiday version” and “English version”


The difference between “Taiwan Holiday version” and “English version”

Many people are curious why we have two different versions of dated planners of the same size and also curious about the differences between the two version.

The English version has the same layout as the Taiwan holiday version. The biggest difference is that from Monday to Sunday, in Yearly Calendar, Gantt Chart and the weekly mini calendar, the English version is in English, and the Taiwan holiday version is in Chinese.

The other difference is that the Taiwan holidays version marks the Taiwan holidays, lunar calendars and 24 solar terms. The English version only differentiate the weekdays and weekend by color.

Therefore, we can conclude that the difference between the two versions is in the language, and the rest of the format design is the nearly the same.

Here’s the comparison of the A5 planner English version and the A6 planner Taiwan holiday version. If you’ve considered to purchase the English version but find it’s sold out, the Taiwan holiday version could be the good alternative.