TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6
TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6

TAKE A NOTE 2023 MINI PLANNER - Taiwan holiday ver. A6

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256 pages|68gsm Tomoe River Paper|A6(10× 14.8×1.3cm)|(1P)Welcome Page、(1P)Yearly Calendar、(1P)Horizontal Yearly Plan【2023.01-2023.12】、(4P)Vertical Yearly Calendar、(32P)Monthly Plan【2022.12-2024.03】、(212P)Weekly Plan【2023.01-2023.12】、(4P)Grid note page、(1P)Personal Info Page
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  • The paper is Japanese Tomoe River paper with 3mm grids.
  • Thanks to exposed spine binding, the planner lies flat when opened.
  • New layout "Vertical Yearly Plan", a total of 4-page plan has been added into the planner.
  • Integrated before weekly plans, a total of 16 monthly plans are marked with Taiwanese holidays, the first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, the 24 solar terms, and corresponding weekly plan page numbers.
  • The weekly plan has two days per page (four pages a week), a extensive vertical timeline, a mini monthly calendar, a mini weekly calendar, blank grids above and below the timeline, as well as information about the lunar calendar, solar terms, and Taiwanese holidays.
  • With printed page numbers, the planner works for bullet journaling.

The versatile planner features pale-colored grid lines, so the users won’t find the layout too complicated. Another most-praised feature is that the planner provides a flexible environment, so users can write meticulously to fully use it, or they can easily customize the planner. The planner is also marked with Taiwanese holidays, like those of the lunar calendar, which shows the design has taken users' living environment into consideration.​​

☆ 2023 NEW DESIGN ☆



☆ NEW ☆

A total of 4 pages has been added to the vertical yearly plan. A double page can preview your half-year itinerary, which is easy for arrange schedules that span several months. It could also be used as a project plan or habit tracking table.

Not only does it provides more space, but it can also be used with bullet journals as index. There’s lots grid note area below the plan for additional notes.



Rich functional design, suitable for everyone.
Two colors distinguish holidays and working days, and recording everyday life with the planner is more ceremonial. The 16-month monthly plan extends from this year and next year to the monthly plan in March of the following year, making it easier to arrange cross-season and cross-year itineraries. Each week has a corresponding weekly plan page number, which can be quickly flipped to the current week's weekly plan.

Ample writing space
There are plenty of blank spaces on the top, bottom, left, and right sides. You can divide different blocks for different purposes according to the note-taking method.


The combination of a mini weekly calendar and a two-day, one-page vertical timeline is the original format of TAKE A NOTE.

【Mini Calendar】Visually present the position of the week, and you can know the holiday of the month without flipping to the monthly plan.

【Mini Weekly Calendar】To record important itineraries for a week, the extremely light solid line divides the mini-weekly calendar on the left and right, and the right side is a blank square regardless of the date. You can record different events according to your habits.

【Vertical timeline】The timeline is from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight, suitable for users with different schedules. There are no extra decorations, only enough blank writing space providing flexibility and freedom for users to use at will.

【3mm grids】All are drawn with very light dotted lines, without the visual pressure of dense squares. The height of two grids is just 7mm, which is suitable for writing Chinese characters. One grid is about the size of a highlighter pen, which is convenient for filling color labeling.


【Yearly Plan】The calendar spanning 20 months can be used from the time of receipt of the planner until April of the next year.

【Yearly Plan Gantt Chart】It's handy for planning your annual itinerary or as a habit tracker.

【Grid note page】The note page is 4 pages in total, and is provided as an appendix for users who need more space. The format has been redesigned, adding anchor points, and drawing solid lines every 5 grids in the vertical and horizontal positions. "5x5 solid line grid" makes counting grids faster, and writing notes has never been so convenient!



The Tomoe River Paper pen cannot write through, and the drawing and stamping have a perfect performance. The white Tomoe River Paper can show the color of the pen and ink better than the beige. Compared with other planners with the same number of pages but using the wood-free printing paper, the weight is reduced by 20%, and carry it around will not increase the burden.


Exposed spine binding enables the planner to lie flat when opened. Just a flip and it sits flat on a desk.


Keeping a log is a heartfelt ritual. As high-quality fine art paper, Satogami paper from TAKEO showcases the natural warmth and softness of paper. Therefore, the paper’s original texture is made to retain during the manufacturing process.

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